Zero-Point Energy: Introduction

To understand why the concept of Zero-Point Energy (T=0) is so sought after by government agencies, space agencies, and intelligence agencies, we wish to provide an introduction to assess its applicability in real life, the advantages its discovery provides, etc.

Self-sustaining quantum supercomputers, advanced artificial intelligence, indefinite deep space travel — you name it, Zero-Point Energy has a place for it.

An excellent introduction of Zero-Point Energy, provided by Calphysics Institute, establishes a detailed history of the concept, its relation to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, and theoretical applications.

Perhaps the most popular field of interest on Zero-Point Energy is the possibility of creating self-sustaining devices, i.e. Zero-Point Energy being a fundamental basis for yielding a greater output of energy than required to power a device (Calphysics Institute), and in theory creating a positive feedback loop of so-called “free energy”.

Back to quantum supercomputers – a regular quantum computer, The D-Wave 2000Q System, requires a sizable amount of electricity to power its large refrigerator and servers. A quantum supercomputer would require perhaps five times that much electricity (amount of energy needed to sustain the supercomputer is proportional to the size of the components). However, that “free energy” provided by Zero-Point Energy would usher in the era of self-sustaining quantum computers – ones that don’t require outside energy to cool the essential components.

It’s easy to see why the global intelligence communities are interested in this conceptualized technology. Self-sustaining quantum computers provide unlimited solutions to problems, while self-sustaining quantum supercomputers might simulate entire universes, or house all of the data that humans have ever created in real-time.

With the recent Vault 7 leaks from Wikileaks, intelligence agencies may be tempted to house software assets on unhackable computer mainframes, something that quantum computers and supercomputers can do indefinitely with Zero-Point Energy.

The concept has yet to be refined and utilized, but if Zero-Point Energy becomes officially discovered, then a great cyber revolution in technology is sure to ensue.


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